The SensWEIGHT system provides a number of information that are important for the diagnosis of the scale. The data shown in the table bellow provides very valuable information about the state of the scale.


Obtained information (1) Brief description
Status of the load cells It provides a basic diagnostic evaluation of the condition of the load cells by the indicator:
- all ok
- overload
- inoperative 
Status of the indicator Provides information on unit errors:
- unstable weight
- overload weight
- general error
Distribution of dead weight on load cells Provides information on the weight distribution of the weight structure on each of the load cells.
Zero shift of individual force sensors over time Provides information on the time shift of the original zero value of each load cell to detect creep of the load cells (or balance structure).
Shift of zero weight in time Provides information on the time shift of the original zero value of the weight as a whole.
Detection of the most loaded force sensor Provides information about the most stressed load cells.
Changes in unit settings Provides information about the last calibration and its order.
(1) Some functions might not be available in some types of indicators.

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