The return of the investment after the implementation of the SensoWeight system is derived from a significant reduction in costs related to service interventions and scale repairs. Thanks to the diagnostics and monitoring of the scales, it is possible to implement all working actions more efficiently and with significant time savings.

Most often, the reasons leading to cost reduction are:

  • minimizing undesirable transport to the site of the installed scale
  • minimizing the time spent on the way to the installed scale
  • early detection of the defect and planned intervention, with the correct setting of alarms responding to the problematic scale
  • the possibility of monitoring multiple weighbridges from a single dashboard
  • the possibility of diagnostics even when out of the workplace via a laptop, tablet or mobile phone


    Why us?

    • Savings

      Our solution will bring you a significant saving of time and money. With remote monitoring, the need for a physical visit to the measurement site is significantly reduced. By knowing the measured values, you will find out the efficiency of your work and minimize losses. 
    • Professionalism

      We will carefully consider your needs and propose an optimal solution by choosing suitable sensors and their appropriate installation. We will check your requirements, and we will also analyze the possibility of measuring other values that may be relevant in your work.
    • Trust

      We treat you fairly for yours and ours saisfaction. A mutual trust is an important feature in long-term cooperation, which is a must for remote monitoring solutions.
    • Long-term service

      We listen to you to offer a product according to your goals and plans so that you can monitor all your installations under one solution. A constant upgrade of the system throughout its lifetime is a matter of course.


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      24. 6. 2024

      Try remote monitoring of sensors with UCS™ CLOUD Solutions for FREE!

    • UCS™ X2 & UCS™X2 DIN

      6. 6. 2024

      We are pleased to introduce our new models UCS™ X2 and UCS™ X2 DIN, which are the new versions of the UCS™ X1 and UCS™ X1 DIN models.

    • REST API | Unified Cloud Sensors

      3. 11. 2023

      The REST API is an interface that allows the connection between various applications and systems through the internet. It provides a unified and standardized interface for communication between applications and enables access to data and functions through the HTTP web protocol.

    • / New web presentation

      21. 7. 2023

      The new SensoWeight remote monitoring solution. More in the web presentation and/or section SOLUTIONS


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